Return of the King (Just kidding, it’s only me)

Helloooooooo everybody I’m back! I’ve been moving for the past couple of days so I haven’t had a chance to post. As such, the rumors have surpassed me, so for starters, here’s one about a DBZ movie! Looks pretty interesting. Not that it says much, but hey, any news is good news as far as this is concerned. I wonder who the director is. I also wonder how well adapted this kind of material would be for live action – I mean, half of what is cool is cool because it’s animated. You know who I think would be perfect? The Wachowski Brothers. Of course, they’re doing Speed Racer right now, so shucks, they can’t work on it. Ah well. Another day, another dream.

And here’s a Saw IV trailer, that, thankfully, doesn’t reveal much. Even though I was disappointed in the last one, I want this one to be good, so I’m not gonna watch much media for it. And to go along with that, here’s an article at rottentomatoes talking about Saw IV. Appropriate, no?

And Jeffrey Overstreet’s new novel hits stores today!!!! I hope it comes to the bookstore…I want it so bad!!!

And here’s an interesting little set of clips. From the guy who directed Donnie Darko…a movie with The Rock and Sean William Scott in roles we’ve never seen before.


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