Zathura Review

This old review marks the very beginning of my slow transition to my present state of mind as a moviegoer. I noticed things I usually don’t, and I appreciated it on some deeper level than mere technical splendor, e.g., the brothers’s relationship. Hope you guys like it.

Zathura (Original & Now 8/10)

I saw this movie only because I had a free ticket to it from purchasing the Jumanji special edition. I wasn’t planning on seeing it at all – honestly, to me it looked kind of dumb. However I’m glad I did see it, because it was better than I expected, and I’m giving it an 8/10.

The movie is basically about two brothers finding a magical board game called Zathura….it’s like Jumanji only in space. At first this may sound kind of dumb (I know to me it did), but the storyline is actually quite captivating. Both child actors pull of their role as brothers quite well….having a younger brother myself I found I could identify with much of the sibling rivalry shown in the movie. Of course, they are both kids, and as such, they are not too spectacular of actors, but for their age and the role they play, they are actually quite good. This is the main reason that this movie is good – the relationship between these two brothers. Without that the movie would have been really stupid.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the special effects, which were very spectacular. Several times I was actually afraid that the kids would not make it through the adventure in one piece. The aliens in the movie were very well done, too – very creepy but not too creepy for the young ones who might want to go see this movie.

Now for some faults in the movie. Several times it seemed like their lines or the situations they were in bordered on cheesiness. However, considering the material they are dealing they manage to avoid most cheese quite well. I also thought the movie dragged on a bit too much sometimes – I wanted to yell at them, “PLAY THE GAME!!” so they could just finish the game and be out of the dangerous situation. But they had ten to fifteen minute intervals where it was just expounding on the dangerousness of their situation or a refusal by one of the kids (mainly the younger one) to continue playing.

All in all Zathura is a great family flick, and though it may seem a little immature for adults at times, on the whole it can be a very satisfying (and thrilling) experience.


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