Cloverfield News!!!

Finally, after a suspiciously long hiatus from any significant Cloverfield buzz on the net, Ain’t It Cool News has the next rumor. As he says, it may just be hearsay, but hey, at this point, any say is better than no say. It does sound pretty interesting, and I’m still crossing my fingers that it won’t suck like most January releases.


2 Responses to “Cloverfield News!!!”

  1. its godzilla dude come on its like the most obv. thing in the world the sound the claw marks him coming through the water and takin out the statue of liberty hehehehe gay. first off its only 90 min. long and its like godzilla meets blair witch plus it only has a 30 million dollar budget which half of it was used on marketing campaigns and commercials have fun wasting your money sorry dude.

  2. It’s not Godzilla. If you look at the buzz online you’ll see

    *spoiler warning*

    that the monster has detachable parts that fly down into the city and become mini-monsters. And why would Godzilla come down in a large explosion meteor-type crash? And I still hope it won’t suck – but I’m afraid it will, like most January releases. It’s produced by JJ Abrams, though, you can’t completely diss that.

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