Done with movie reviews for awhile

What? A post that isn’t some kind of review?? What’s the world coming to? Yes, I finally have time to write stuff other than reviews, and I will for awhile. Nothing really good is coming out in theaters any time soon, so there ya go. On that note, “here’s something we hope you’ll really like!” It’s a list compiled by Premiere of the top 100 characters in movie history. My only qualm with it is that Darth Vader is not high enough up on the list – he’s eighty freakin four. I mean, come on, this guy deserves to be at least in the twenties.

And Ain’t It Cool News has some juice on the Wachowski’s new project, Speed Racer. Whether or not they actually got their hands on the script is anybody’s guess, but if they have, it sure sounds like a promising ride. And I never minded the Wachowski’s long speeches in the Matrix series – I think, for the most part, they were well added and enjoyable, and differentiated them from other action flicks that refuse to have hearts. Ah well. Still got awhile before it hits theaters, but I already want a trailer on this sucker.

And at Superbad I saw the new Harold & Kumar trailer. Believe it or not, the first one actually received fresh reviews on rottentomatoes, so who knows? This may actually turn out to be one of those R-rated comedies that give us something more than “HAHA SEX HAHA FUCK.”

And from, an incensed Michael Bay claims he won’t do Transformers 2 because of Paramount’s decision to only go with HD DVD format? What? First of all, yeah right, Mr. Bay. Didn’t you make Pearl Harbor? And Bad Boys II? That’s what I thought. Also – why in the world is Paramount going to HD DVD, when Blu Ray is the clear leader and will probably eventually win the HD format war?

And speaking of Transformers, if there was ever a movie that seemed to be made for IMAX, this was it, but unfortunately it never got there. Well, say no more, citizense. Check out this – Transformers will be hidding IMAX theaters soon. And it will be an extended cut! Woohoo!

Also, I will be posting my Deathly Hallows review soon, and if all goes well, I may even begin to post video reviews on YouTube.


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