Busy busy busy

Holy crap I have a lot to write. I still need to put up my Deathly Hallows review, I need to write a Hairspray one, and I’m gonna see Superbad this weekend so I’ll need to pen that too. Wow. I’m not reviewing half as many movies as a professional critic would, but I must have written a review every three days or so for this entire summer, and in this past week as I’ve seen four or five movies it’s like a scramble to catch up.

But I like it.

However, I still want time to post rumors and such, and in the spirit of that, check this out. I’m sad. I was hoping for this to get good ratings, but it’s not shaping up to be good. I need to see the three older versions. Maybe I’ll rent those.

And I was also thinking about something else – isn’t it ironic that Shrek the Third, the third in a series that stood against everything Disney, basically? All the franchising, crappiness, and all that? Well now the big green ogre has lost his barbs and is nothing more than a pathetically weak attempt at a continuin franchise, becoming the very thing he originally spoofed. Irony. How sad. How the mighty have fallen.


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