“This one wants more coins!” – Colin (Whose Line Is it Anyway?)

Up until recently this intriguing movie was nothing more than a little curiosity to me, but at 100% and seemingly nowhere to go but up, except of course for the occasional idiot who will insist on giving it a poor review, it’s now practically on my must see list.

And I don’t know how many more times this on/off debate will go on about Peter Jackson maybe or maybe not directing the Hobbit movies, but you can bet I’m going to continue posting news info about it as long as it’s coming. The only other director I trust to do it is Alfonso Cuaron, but if I get my aforementioned wish mentioned in previous posts, he’ll busy with another little literary fantasy world turned to the big screen.

On another note, I think I’m going to write a Deathly Hallows review soon, posting it up on facebook as well. I’ll probably do a spoilers review and non-spoilers review, for the people who have still not read it. I feel like addressing a lot of the complaints that people make about it, so yeah, you’ll probably see that soon, hopefully even tomorrow, as I’ll have six hours in front of a computer with nothing to do but answer the phone and inquiring denizens.


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