Later on tonight I will post the Bourne Ultimatum review, but for now some tantalizing rumors. According to this right here, there will be a World of Warcraft movie, set to be an origin story beginning about a year before the events in WoW and being an epic battle type movie similar to 300. I am excited. This is like a geek’s dream. It’s set for a 2009 release. Let’s hope that they get a director more along the lines of Chris Nolan and less like Zack Snyder, so that it will actually be good and not just simple visceral geek thrills.

As if that weren’t enough, here’s some more fun news. Fahrenheit451, after about six years of off and on rumor potential/not, looks like it may be getting its second film adaptation. I think Tom Hanks is perfect for the role – he’s a very talented actor and could very likely bring the perfect melodramatic and personal element to it. Here’s hoping.

And what? Somebody actually likes Brett Ratner? Whoda thunk it?

And I don’t know about this. Here’s a trailer for the new Guillermo Del Toro produced film The Orphanage. Now, I don’t know about this. Often when a very famous person produces a film, the buzz and excitement for it builds to exponential level, with nary a regard to the director. And often, the film turns out to be crap. Take the famous Stephen Spielberg. He produced Men in Black II, a crappy horrible sequel, and The Legend of Zorro, which was by and large sneered at by critics. Judd Apatow produced Kicking and Screaming, as well as Talladega Nights, neither of which was as good as his usual fare.

Producing means nothing, people. Transformers was produced by Stephen Spielberg, yet it did not come anywhere close to his usual quality. I’m not going to get excited for this orphanage flick until I see some reviews come in.

Also, here’s a site that Eli showed me. Cloverfield. Every now and then a new picture will pop up, so I guess as the release date gets closer and closer more and more will be known about it. Again, quite the interesting marketing technique.


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