Maximum Ride

Well, recently I purchased a couple of books to help me in my quest to some day get the Chosen Ones, a series of books I wrote, published. The series was Maximum Ride, written by James Patterson, about a group of kids who were genetically engineered with wings, so they can fly. I finished the first one today, and it was a surprisingly fast read for being more than 400 pages. (I just started it yesterday.) It is a teen’s book, though, so I guess that’s not surprising, and a teen book is what I want the Chosen Ones to be someday. I’m hoping to get inspired and have ideas from it for the Chosen Ones, and I’ve gotten some. There are three books in the Max series so far, but I only got the first two cuz the third was in hardback, too expensive.

Well, that’s my update on the world of pop culture right now – unfortunately Rotten Tomatoes hasn’t had any real juicy news items in awhile – although there was a tidbit about Cloverfield maybe finally having a title – Overnight, though that may be a red herring specifically planted by Abrams and the clever marketing company.

I saw the Bourne Ultimatum on Thursday night – I absolutely loved it – my second favorite movie of the summer, after Ratatouille. I’ll post up a review soon.


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