A Complete and Solid Trilogy

Finally. Finally finally finally. Over 60 movie reviews are up at Rotten Tomatoes, and 92% of them agree: The Bourne Ultimatum is the best of the trilogy, a slick, sleek, smooth action pic that delivers. I am so much more excited tonight. I really hope it’s better than Supremacy, because if it is, then it will be one of the very few trilogies that continually topped itself for me. Spider-Man 3 I loved, but I still have to say that the second far exceeded it. Pirates 3 didn’t have enough memorable sequences for me, and the detour to Asia distracted from everything while not really adding anything to the plot. Even Lord of the Rings was not as good the third time around – the first one’s still my favorite.

On another note, what is it with people who so obviously write reviews to go against the grain? It happened with Ratatouille, and it happened with Ultimatum. With Ratatouille, the movie was at a solid 100% and then one critic wrote a review that brought it down a notch, writing a review that didn’t competently address any of the issues he may or may not have had with the movie, instead simply focusing on how bewildered he was that everybody was giving it positive reviews. Some reviewers are even idiotic and big-headed enough to claim that they are not going to cave like so many other critics, that they’re going to put their foot down, and that’s stupid. Writing a movie review to become famous for writing that single solitary bad movie review only works if you’re the only one, and you never are. Some people are just idiots.


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