“Censorship is like forbidding a man from eating a steak because a child can’t chew it.” -Mark Twain

It always pisses me off when idiotic conservatives (yes, I know I’m a conservative, but I don’t consider myself idiotic), or liberals, for that matter, try pawn off all the troubles and issues of society on something like movies, TV, and now, video games. This is nothing new. Video games have been blamed for society’s ills for a long time, particularly the youth of America, who somehow get their hands on titles like Halo or Metal Gear Solid or Grand Theft Auto and go on to kill people on a rampage. “Experts” sort through these kids’ past and history like a file, looking for something to blame, and they find it. This particular kid happened to play 30 hours of Halo a week, so that must be the cause of him murdering 17 people. Perfect. Now, I’m not saying this many hours of Halo (or any video game) is healthy. What I am saying is that all of society’s problems can’t be pinned on a video game title.

The reason kids go astray is because of the irresponsible God-awful parents that they happen to be stuck with. These parents let their ten-year olds sit in front of the tube ten hours a day, letting them slice and dice the limbs off zombies and rape and kill prostitutes in a video game, letting the TV do the babysitting, and then five years later when the kid kills half his high school in a bloody rampage they wail and complain and bitch and go, “Oooh where did our boy go wrong?” I’ll tell you where he went wrong – YOU, idiots. And these are exactly the kind of parents who will then, not look at their parenting, but at the kinds of video games their child played, and proceed to make the video games into a scapegoat, blaming everything that went wrong with their kid not on a lack of love and proper parental care, but on the fact that he decapitated one too many aliens.

And then the government, always eager for someone to blame that isn’t them, takes the politically correct route. Oh, of course it can’t be the parent’s fault! It can’t be anybody’s fault! It has to be an inanimate object’s fault! A video game! Perfect! The murder of those fifteen people on a college campus can’t possible be caused by anything else than that he played too much Halo! Never mind that several of his friends play twice as much Halo as he does and practically worship Grand Theft Auto as a video game. That kind of info isn’t important. Never mind that he was raised by a single alcoholic dad who was either working or drunk his entire childhood. Nope, it’s gotta be the video games. Or books. Or hardcore rock music.

Sometimes people are just idiots, and it disgusts me. One thing I hate about America is that people refuse to take responsibility for their actions. It’s never someone’s fault. It’s always the next person, and then the next, and the next, and the next. It never ends, because we’re all arrogant pricks who think nothing can possibly be our fault.

We’re assholes, basically. Conservative Christians do the same thing – they take Jesus’s commandment to be in the world but not of it a commandment that everything in the world is to be blamed for our woes so we should just live in a cave. Idiots.


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