“All right, now where’s the guy who slept with my daughter?” -Peter Griffin (Family Guy)

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! No no no no no no!!! Of all the freakin people in the world to replace Conan in 2009, it had to be JIMMY FREAKIN FALLON??? Scroll down a bit to read the brief news story. Anyways, dang it. I was really hoping for Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, but I guess their satire is too smart to be in public TV. Well, I guess I should be grateful that Carson Daly isn’t taking Conan’s place. At least NBC’s not that stupid.

But hey, maybe I should give Jimmy Fallon the benefit of the doubt. After all, maybe he was just horrible in improv. Although, knowing him, he’ll probably spend the first three or four seasons giggling and looking at the camera man and making consistently unfunny jokes about how he’s replaced Conan

Odds are, though, that no one will even be watching him once Conan rises to take Leno’s place. We’ll all have a reason to watch The Tonight Show again. Jay’s time is up.


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