Come on, Cuaron!!!

Behold! The trailer for the new Beowulf film doth appear at last! It looks like it has potential to be very crappy – I have a feeling the movie will follow along the lines of I,Robot and resemble the tale solely in name. I’ll probably go see it just because I’m an English major. Unfortunately, as well, it also looks like it could be another Pathfinder. Blech.

And yesterday night I went to see the new Simpsons movie, the review of which I’ll write later, but I saw three cool trailers, the most interesting of which was Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. My eyes lit up at the magical wonder that played across the screen. I hadn’t felt such wonder and magic emanate from a trailer since…I don’t know when. I’m normally not a huge Natalie Portman fan, but I could tell in the trailer that she was effusively ebullient with energy and having an incredible amount of fun in the role. I wanted to bounce onto my feet and cheer. And Dustin Hoffman seemed perfectly eccentric enough in his role as Mr. Magorium. I’m REALLY crossing my fingers that this movie gives what it’s promising in the trailer – because it’s incredibly rare when a movie embraces the wonder and enchantment on childhood so beautifully.

The other two trailers were The Dark Knight and Horton Hears a Who. I couldn’t find a clip for The Dark Knight, unfortunately, so that will have to wait. It wasn’t really much anyway, just flashing lights, and Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Heath Ledger talking over it. At the end a Joker card flashed in front of the screen. Everybody was screamingly cheering. Finally, the Horton trailer had me unsure. On the one hand, it does finally pair the legendary Jim Carrey and the exceptionally talented Steve Carell, but on the other, it’s based on a short Dr. Seuss novel, and let’s face it, Dr. Seuss movies haven’t held up very well. Let’s not forget the disastrous Cat in the Hat. We’ll see. I probably won’t go see it in theaters, but I still want it to be good.

And now to address that juicy bit of Cuaron news I posted earlier today. Here’s the link again if you want. So yeah. I said to someone the other day that I was sad that Yates, the disastrous director of Order of the Phoenix, was set to direct the sixth novel. I said that, although it was probably dumb to hope for, it would make my day if Cuaron, easily the best of the four directors who have worked on the Potter series, came back and directed The Deathly Hallows. After having read the triumphant final chapter, and realizing how incredibly dark it is, I can’t think of a more perfect director. Please, Cuaron, come back. PLEASE!!!!


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