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Well, I know I just posted today, but what the heck, I felt it was time for another review. Most of you will probably not have heard of this movie, but it’s part of an internet series that I used to love and a movie was released directly to DVD, so I reviewed it.

Klay World: Off the Table (7/10) (Now:6/10)

When I first heard that there was a Klay World movie being made, I was ecstatic. Sad to say, though, I was slightly disappointed by the movie.

On the whole it’s a good movie, but when compared to Knox’s hilarious five or so minute claymations, it just didn’t live up to my expectations. For one, the comedy in a five minute sketch did not translate well into a feature length movie, probably because of the way Knox does comedy in the shorts. The shorts are completely random, and Knox does not really follow a particular plotline. This being a movie, he loses much of his randomness in his attempts to move the story forward. Also, what’s funny for five minutes isn’t going to be funny for an hour and a half. I watched this movie over a period of several days because I figured it would make each successive part funny. Whereas, if I had watched it all at once, it wouldn’t have been that funny.

Another thing that didn’t really work was when they went outside of Klay World, Off the Table, per se. When they were outside of the house, I felt much of the comedy was reduced to cliche slapstick, such as a car running into a wall, instead of Knox’s subtle but brilliant, “Hey guys, hey guys. Guuuuys. I see you over there you want some co-co-co-la?” traditional comedy. What was also very distracting was that, when outside, the camera work and poses of the Klaymen detracted from the comedy. They didn’t move very much at all outside…a lot of the shots were just pictures of the Klaymen sitting around and Knox’s voice echoing over the whole scene. I know Knox wanted to go bigger and better than his five minute shorts with this movie, yet the special effects seemed quite sloppily done, even though he is on a limited budget. It was a valiant attempt, but in the end, the funniest parts of the movie are not outside of the house, they’re back on the table. Later on the movie, in the fight with the aliens, the special effects are also distracting with just a shot of Klaymen being thrown around. Again, Knox’s comedy comes from hilariously random dialogue and the occasional good bloody Klayman, not special effects.

Though I am picking apart this movie, the reason I’m giving it a 7/10 and not a 4/10 is that as a movie, it works. No movie is going to have you laughing the whole way through, not matter how good it is. I was laughing pretty solidly the first half hour of the movie, which is exceptional, though the laughter did die down once the car left Klay World. I also like the character development. We live through a lot of these character’s lives throughout the movie, so towards the end, I was actually feeling sorry for Chip, Dr. Bob, and other Klay people. For once I cared about whether or not these Klay people died. I also liked the ending a lot – it worked quite well for the movie as a whole.

In closing, if you are a fan of Knox, I would recommend buying this movie, however, be forewarned, it is not as hilarious as the shorts, though it does work as a good movie, as a whole.


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