News, news, news

Well, the ratings are in for The Simpsons Movie, and it looks about what I expected – not too high, but not too low, not quite reaching the heightened praise for the South Park movie, but still exceeding most TV-to-movie expectations and placing itself solidly in the “fresh.”

On an even happier note, The Bourne Ultimatum is shaping up to be the most solidly quality and entertaining blockbuster yet, exceeding both Transformers and Live Free or Die Hard for sheer uninhibited fun. Here’s hoping it stays up in that ever so fickle 90 percentile that so few action movies manage to make these days. Personally I think whatever sticks are up the asses of some critics tend to get crammed up further and further as the years go by, and many critics, as you can tell when you read their blogs, are stuck in the mentality that only older movies can be good.

And oooh oooh!! More J.J. Abrams Cloverfield news!! I really hope that this brilliant marketing strategy doesn’t deliver a mediocre film.

And finally, on a J.J. Abrams note, it looks like Zachary Quinto, of Sylar fame from Heroes, has finally been picked by J.J. himself to play the legendary Spock. I mean, really, was there any other choice?

OH HAPPY DAY!! They have finally set a date for the release of Season 3 of The Office, but unfortunately it’s all the way in September, boo. 😦 Oh well, at least I’ll have Heroes to look forward to, though even it won’t be coming soon enough. And what’s up with the third season of Lost being all the way in December? Lame, people.


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