“Fascinating.” -Spock

This is interesting – an interview with the legendary Stan Lee. He says some pretty interesting things, and it’s always good to get early buzz on a superhero movie, ain’t it? Personally, I’m not too excited for Iron Man. He was one of my least favorite Marvel characters, so here’s hoping that a transfer to the big screen makes him more interesting. And here’s doubly hoping it doesn’t become another Fantastic Four.

On another note, check out this rather interesting bit of upcoming movies. Like I said, Avatar looks pretty good, but what looks potentially even better in an entirely different way is this Monsters Vs. Aliens flick. Remember Snakes on a Plane, and what a near disaster that was, thanks to over-bubbly excited internet chatter? Here’s hoping (once again) that this flick doesn’t fall prey to that.

I like Rotten Tomatoes. I used to rely on IMDB for my movie information, but I’ve found that rottentomatoes is great if you’re looking to satisfy that movie buzz. IMDB only puts up things that are official, so you don’t know as much in advance.

I’m off to read HP5. Gotta finish it and 6 before Saturday, so I can read the seventh. 🙂


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